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Lubbock County* Slaton TX* 20,000 Square Feet* Feed Mill*
4 Nice Lots* Commercial* Real Industrial* Near Railroad



Location:  600 Industrial Boulevard, Slaton Texas. (North side of town next to railroad)
Description: These four lots are zoned for Commercial, F2 Real Industrial use. The lots are 50’ x 100’ each, for a total of 20,000 square feet. Excellent access is provided by Industrial Boulevard. A new chain link fence with metal posts has recently been erected on the boundary. Large swinging gates allow for easy entrance. The fence is very nice and should provide security for many years. A roll off rail is located just north of the lots. The load out spout is centered above the rail for loading cars, or trucks may be loaded easily as well. A feed mill with one leg is located near the east boundary. The lots are covered with small gravel/rock base to allow use during wet periods.

Feed Mill: Designed for Cottonseed, Corn, or Other Grains. *Cottonseed Bulk Bin* Corn/Grain Bulk Seed Bin* Crusher Leg- Approximately 70’ elevator leg, no boot pit and a 6 hole distributor. Power is provided by a 7 ½ hpem* Estimated capacity is 350 bu/hour. Seed House- 25 ton welded steel hopper bottom, vented seed bin, gravity flow* 3 ton Plow and Paddle Mixer with a 50 hpem, Bonbbay doors* Surge Receiver- 3 ton surge receiver with 14’ of 20 auger with a 3 hpem. App 8’ of 9” auger with a 3 hpem (under surge) 2- Curtis-Toledo horizontal air compressors, 5 hp* Crushing Bin- Overhead welded steel bin with live hopper bottom. 2-9” augers-10’lenth, 3hp each*App. 1200 bu capacity*2- grinders with 10’ of 9” augers, 1-3hp, 1-5hp* Cube Bin- Overhead welded steel bin with hopper bottom, gravity flow, Estimated capacity 450 bu* Dump Pit-Live Bottom Truck Unloading Pit (above ground, 10’ wide metal dump pit equipped with 20’ of 9” auger powered by a 3 hpem), or load the pit with Front End Loader* Note: The electric company removed the transformer and meter recently when service was disconnected. It will be reinstalled with an application for new service. * The mill has not been operated in several years, so there will be some repairs needed on electrical connections, more than likely some motor work, and also some rusted metal in a few places. Overall, the metal work/augers look pretty good. The mill has sheet metal on the south side, with the other sides open at this time. More sheet metal could be installed to make it enclosed. The current owner does not have a current lease for the push off rail siding so the new owner would need to acquire a rail lease prior to using the rail. I think in most instances that trucks would be used instead of the rail, but of course the rail availability is a very nice attribute. Contact Johnny Street 806-847-7400.

Price: $110,000.00
Taxes: 2017 base tax amount with all entities $79.93


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