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8740 CR R Silverton, TX
Arnold Ranch

Arnold Ranch
Arnold Ranch is situated on a wide mesa with stunning views of the surrounding canyon terrain. While there is steep ground on the northern portion of the ranch, the majority of the land is flat allowing for the development of cattle ranching. +/-112 acres of the +/-874 are under wheat cultivation. Additionally, there are pens and corrals built that include an open face shed and shop. It is the hunting on the property that is very unique with its location on the edge of the canyon. The wide variety of wildlife that can be seen on the property include aoudad sheep, deer, turkey, quail, wild hog, and other game. There is an abundant source of natural water with the seasonal playa lakes and the two dirt tanks scattered across the property. In addition, there are +/- 160 acres of leased ground that will be transferred with the sale of property at about $7.50 / acre annually (per seller). The entire property is fenced continuously with the leased ground. 

Water: There are two wells placed near the CR frontage. One feeds into a storage tank adjacent to the pens that then feeds two stock tanks in the front pasture. In the back acreage, there are two dirt tanks that supply water year round in addition to the seasonal playa lakes scattered across the property. 

Hunting: Thanks to the location of the ranch on the edge of the canyon, there are unique hunting opportunities available. An abundance of aoudad sheep and mule deer call this place home. Currently, there is a deer feeder setup near the edge of the canyon in the back acreage.

History:  Over the years, the property has primarily been used to run cattle. With either 60 cows year round or about 180 yearlings for summer grazing.

Improvements: There are several improvements to the property. The property is completely fenced and is good condition. There are +/- 50 acres fenced with CR frontage that encompasses a corral, pens, a 40x20 open face shed, and 10x16 shop for storage or working. The +/- 112 acres of wheat pasture have been fenced as well. Also, there are two working wells, one is used for water tanks in the front +/- 50 acre pasture.

Minerals: 50% of owned wind rights and 50% of other owned mineral leases will convey with sale of property. There is currently a contract with a wind energy company. They have not made any tests on the land, but have setup tests on surrounding properties.

Landscape: A majority of the land is situated on a mesa providing for very flat land readily available for general agricultural uses. The back +/- 100 acres is where the prime hunting spots are where it joins the canyon edge. The soils here within are listed with the accompanying percentages with area of interest totaling 100%: Pullman clay loam (PuA) 65.7%; Tulia and Pep soils (TxD) 18.4%; Burson and Quinlan soils (BQG) 9.2%; Randall clay (Ra) 6.7%.

Exclusions:  Deer feeder and cake bin will be excluded from sale. The wheat crop will transfer with sale of property if closing is before harvest.

Zoning/Easements: The land is outside any municipality and not zoned. There are no known easements that adversely affect operation of the land. It is anticipated that all existing easements will be identified by surveys performed in connection with the sale process.

Estimated Taxes:* $1,329.47. 
Water Conservation District: Briscoe County does not lie within a water conservation district.
Area: Arnold Ranch is located in central Briscoe County about 6 miles north of Silverton, Texas and HWY 256. 
Access: The property can be accessed on two side by CR 16 along the west and CR R along the south.
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